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What if you could sit down with a room full of top performers and pick their brain? Well, now you can. Introducing a brand-new podcast, featuring insights from top-performing medical sales reps, president’s club winners, and leaders in the MedTech industry.

Tune in each week to discover what Medical Sales & MedTech leaders are doing to drive results today.

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podcast hosts: Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold

A Message from the Podcast Hosts

Hey, we’re Clark Wiederhold and Zed Williamson – hosts of the Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast! We’ve worked in and alongside the medical sales and MedTech community for more than a decade.

Based on our personal experience, and talking with friends in the industry, we realized that the best tips and insights often come not from the organized sessions at events or meetings, but from those individual conversations that you have at the bar, or over coffee, with peers who are truly moving the needle.  

This podcast was born from that experience – where you can glean the insights from president’s club winners, top performers, heck, maybe even surgeons and doctors themselves….delivered like those one-on-one conversations that happen behind closed doors. Skip the BS and go right for the good stuff – the things you may never hear from the stage!

This show is created for you – the medical sales representative and MedTech professional –if you have suggestions, tips, or guest ideas, please reach out via email!

Share this show with your friends, peers, and industry! We hope you find the content valuable, resulting in sales acceleration and massive success in your MedTech career.

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