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The best advice is rarely shared from the stage.

Think about the last conference you went to . . .

While the main sessions are valuable, we all know that the best tips and insights come from fellow attendees and game changers. People like industry leaders and president's club winners, chatting with us at the happy hour or sharing their war stories when it's way too close to last call at the hotel bar.

Great insights -- ones that give you a slight edge and an upper hand over the competition - are what we're all about. These insights can't be found with a Google search or in a book. They're gleaned from the leaders who've been there, done that, and have a track record to prove it.

This Medical Sales Accelerator podcast brings you insider tips and secrets weekly to help you drive more cases, close more deals, and agitate the market with your solution. Featuring interviews with top-performers, president’s club winners, and marketing leaders and executives in the medical device and MedTech industries.

Thanks for joining us. We invite your feedback and suggestions anytime.

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About the Hosts

Zed Williamson

Zed Williamson


After spending years in advertising, Zed Williamson founded TrackableMed in 2011, a medical sales acceleration platform rooted in neuroscience.

Originally from Silicon Valley, Zed grew frustrated by lack of accountability in the advertising industry as a whole and decided to start TrackableMed to focus on results for the medical device and medical practice industry.

Today, you can find him reading, spending time with his wife and teenage sons, and running a highly innovative business that helps Medical Device and specialty practices accelerate patient demand and increase the return from their patient acquisition campaigns.

Clark Wiederhold

Clark Wiederhold


Clark Wiederhold is the cohost of the Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast, and a seasoned professional in the medical technology industry, with a career spanning over two decades. He currently serves as a Sales Executive at Intrinsic Therapeutics, a leading manufacturer of Barricaid, a revolutionary solution for patients at high risk of recurrence following discectomy.

Clark's journey in the MedTech field began nearly two decades ago, with demonstrated expertise in sales leadership and market development. His accomplishments in the industry have earned him prestigious accolades, including recognition in the President's Club both as a sales representative and as a sales leader. More recently, as the Chief Sales Officer at TrackableMed, Clark played a pivotal role in shaping and expanding the company's sales team, resulting in new opportunities throughout the region.

Clark’s experience coupled with his deep insights into the MedTech landscape, make him an invaluable podcast host. Listeners can look forward to gaining a unique perspective from an industry expert who has consistently excelled in the ever-evolving world of medical technology.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Clark has a passion for fishing, sports, and cherishes quality time with his wife and three children.

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