Increase surgeon adoption and create demand through direct-to-consumer advertising

I need to accelerate physician utilization

Who is the right fit for direct-to-physician advertising?

You have disruptive technology.
You must increase treatments per physician.
You need to accelerate the adoption of your technology.

Common misconceptions about DTP advertising…

  • It takes months to plan and get started
  • It costs millions of dollars
  • It’s only a marketing tool and has nothing to do with sales
Medical device direct-to-physician advertising doesn’t have to be this way.

How does direct-to-physician advertising work?

Medical Sales Accelerator's...

Patient Accelerator Program, designed to increase surgeon adoption and create demand.

  • Analysis of current efforts and state
  • Identify ideal customer lifetime value
  • Uncover current barriers
  • Complete bias interviews (physicians & sales)
  • Perform Bias Breakdown
  • Produce Neuroscience-based ads
  • Create sales team bias resources
Sales Team Kickoff
  • Review the Bias Breakdown
  • Deliver "best practices" training series
Advertising Launch
  • Launch neuroscience-based direct-to-physician ads


  • One overall campaign dashboard
  • Individual dashboards per advertising market
  • Monthly analytics reporting
  • Monthly sales team optimization meeting

Feel like you’ve wasted advertising money in the past?

Sales and Marketing have the same ultimate goal but sometimes can operate in silos.

Imagine your marketing team purposely creating a disruption in the market that your sales team can leverage.

Why is this not common? Most companies ignore heuristics and biases, leading to wasted money, failed marketing efforts, and lost sales opportunities.

If you feel like you’ve wasted money in the past…that’s why.

Are you a good fit?

Not all companies are ready to drive physician demand with DTP advertising.
Download the DTP checklist to see if it could be the right fit for you.
DTP thumb

Not connecting the dots between direct-to-physician advertising and surgeon utilization of your therapies?

Don’t worry…it’s not the normal way to think about it.

Our approach was developed by combining the learnings of a deep understanding of direct-to-physician advertising with that of medical device sales.

I need to accelerate physician utilization