Automatic opinion is hurting your sales. Uncover the silent barriers to your success with Bias Breakdown

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Who is the right fit for uncovering biases and heuristics with Bias Breakdown?

Your adoption curve is slow
Utilization of your medical device is occasional or inconsistent
Top salespeople still have low-volume physicians

How does Bias Breakdown work?

Medical Sales Accelerator's...

Bias Breakdown, designed to uncover the silent barriers to your success.

  • Analysis of current efforts and state
  • Identify leverage points to success
  • Uncover current barriers
  • Complete bias interviews (physicians & sales)
  • Bias Checklist
  • Negative Logical Pathway
  • Tactics and solutions to overcome
  • Review the Unspoken VOCTM dashboard
  • Deliver "best practices" training series

Are you a good fit?

Not all companies are ready to leverage Bias Breakdown.
Download the Bias Breakdown checklist to see if it could be the right fit for you.
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Bias Breakdown

Not connecting the dots between Bias Breakdown and surgeon utilization of your therapies?

Don’t worry…it’s not the normal way to think about it.

Our approach was developed by combining the elements from a deep understanding of neuroscience with that of medical device sales.

I need the tools to create success