3 Tips to help medical device sales reps motivate patients and users in less time

3 Tips to help medical device sales reps motivate patients and users in less time

For medical device sales reps, time is often in short supply. With so much on your plate, finding ways to make a sale quickly and efficiently that will still be effective can seem impossible. However, there are some clever strategies you can use to motivate patients and users with less of your time. In the beginning, you may feel like these strategies are taking you longer. Once they are established - you will save time tremendously. 

Here are three tips to help you do this:

  1. Act as a partner, not just a vendor. 

This means taking the time to get to know not just your physicians, but their business. Where are there constraints that may be limiting them? What outside view can you offer physicians that help both of you grow financially and in your relationship? When they have a successful and thriving business, you likely will too. 

TIP: A good way to get started is by sending your physicians resources focused on a struggle they may have articulated to you.

  1. Bring real value. 

It’s easy, and even a trend now for thought leaders to say, “Bring value!” But what does that really mean? It means how can you help your physician make money, have a more rewarding career, or less stress? Your device won’t do that for them, only you can. 

RESOURCE: This is a major topic on our podcast, The Medical Sales Accelerator. If you are looking for actionable ways to bring value, give it a listen.

  1. Leverage the resources you have.

You are your physician's window into the company. Medical device companies can (and should) encourage the growth of the rep/physician relationship while creating real demand for their technology. Think outside the box of what your company has done in the past. How can their resources help you create reciprocity among your physicians? What would you need in your marketplace to make the question of a physician leaving your technology nonexistent? 

HINT: This is what we do all the time for medical device companies: Create demand for their medical devices and help reps bring value to their physicians.