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Neurosurgeon Dr. Mohamed Draz

Neurosurgeon Dr. Mohamed Draz on How Reps Can Balance Empathy with Expertise

June 28, 2022
Clark Wiederhold

People do business with people—but once you get through the door, you better know your product and be ready to field a variety of questions.

Dr. Mohamed Draz, senior clinical fellow in neurosurgery at NHS Scotland, rarely sees reps who can balance disarming interpersonal skills with commanding expertise. Join us as Dr. Draz explains why the often-overlooked junior surgeon and support staff can hold the key to a rep’s long-term success, and how reps can let their expertise shine by communicating more empathetically.  

In this episode, you'll learn: 

  • Why Dr. Draz started his popular YouTube channel
  • How to break away from the ‘vomit information and hope something sticks’ approach
  • What Dr. Draz means when he says, “The brain can be fixed, but the numbers can’t”
  • The importance of ascertaining why someone is asking a particular question

 Plus, we talk about how you can control a conversation while still remaining genuine.


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