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Podcast episode about surgeon buying behavior

Challenger Sale Author, Brent Adamson, Talks Surgeon Buying Behavior

July 10, 2023
Zed Williamson

Sponsored by TrackableMed

How often do we hear people say the customer is always right? While the idea behind the phrase goes a long way, do your customers really know what’s best for their practice? It seems like there’s a new product or solution every day. Physicians can’t be expected to know everything while they’re tirelessly doing what they trained their whole lives to do – save lives.

That’s where world-renowned researcher Brent Adamson comes in. He’s the co-author of bestselling books The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer, and joins us on this episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, to share how the role of salespeople continues to change. In the interview, we discuss how sales people can close more deals simply by making it easier for the customers to understand all available options more clearly, the layers behind decision-making that impacts sales, and the dimensions of struggle that every customer struggles with.

Join us for more on:

  • How sales reps can differentiate themselves by providing more clarity
  • How to provide customers with the confidence to make decisions
  • Buying group alignment and how it impacts sales
  • The dimensions of struggle for customers and how to overcome them
  • Knowing a customer’s business better than they do


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