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Podcast episode about changing times in MedTech with Eric Anderson

Change with the Times or Get Left Behind with Eric Anderson

February 6, 2023
Zed Williamson

Sponsored by TrackableMed

The Medical Device and MedTech world is changing, and not everyone is ready to change with it. But for those who see this and want to jump on board, it can be a challenge to navigate. So how do you adopt new strategies to stay ahead of the shift? Eric Anderson believes technology, specifically social media, is a key factor.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by TrackableMed, Eric joins us to talk about the evolution of relationships in sales and how platforms likeLinkedIn are not just important, but mission critical. We also discuss the power of building a personal brand, how social media really does supercharge in-person interactions, and strategies to help medical device professionals effectively change with the times.


In this episode we also talk about: 

  • The power of personalized content
  • The changes on the service side of MedTech
  • Why we're waiting for innovation in MedTech and what to do about it
  • Social media as a valuable tool for building relationships and attracting leads
  • The impact talent from other industries could have


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Resources from this Episode:

Resources from this episode: 

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