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No One Can Blaze the Trail for You: Dr. Scott Sigman’s Plea for MedTech to Think Differently

May 2, 2022
Zed Williamson

Scrub sink time has been reduced, meeting attendance is probably 25%of what it used to be, and ROI at a booth is less attractive—so what are you doing differently? That question is not only relevant for reps, either—Dr.Scott Sigman is one of many providers pioneering a new approach with fascinating implications for MedTech. The opioid-sparing orthopaedic surgeon is the host of the Ortho Show podcast and chief medical officer for OrthoLazer, whose proven laser therapy has zapped the status quo for pain relief treatment. Join us as Dr. Sigman offers real-life examples of how to organically plug into a KPO’s online ‘ecosystem’ and explains why OrthoLazer’s unique franchise ownership model may have some enterprising reps drooling.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate simple apps like Vidyard for more effective outreach
  • Why you’ll never succeed unless you play to own strengths
  • The No. 1 fear preventing patients from scheduling a doctor’s visit
  • Why bombarding a doc’s DM isn’t a “digital strategy” 

Plus, we explore laser therapy’s journey through red tape and skepticism to become a widely praised treatment option.

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