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A no-excuses guide to making headway in MedTech sales.

Facing Failure Head On: A No-Excuses Guide to Making Headway in MedTech Sales

June 7, 2021
Clark Wiederhold

It’s Round 8 and you’ve only got two picks left... who’s making your roster?

Jointline Health VP of Sales  Dustin Poole teaches his team to focus on just 10 qualified accounts at a time by leading a “fantasy medical sales league” within their distributorship. Why? As someone who clawed his way into medical device sales with zero contacts and a million reasons to panic, Dustin understands the value of setting highly specific targets, guarding your time, and betting big on yourself.  

After a successful start in SaaS and two failed independent ventures, he found himself with a newborn at home and a MedTech career that needed to get airborne ASAP. In this interview, Dustin takes us through his unique journey and offers advice on how to attack your weaknesses head on and land your next big MedTech opportunity.

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • The practical importance of disqualifying targets as soon as possible
  • When to emotionally detach yourself from an opportunity to conserve your best efforts
  • What it means to “earn the right to ask” for business
  • Psychologist Carol Dweck’s concept of a “growth mindset
  • Why expertise in every aspect of your product isn’t necessary for gaining momentum   

Plus, we polish the classic question— “Do you love to win or hate to lose?”—with a fresh perspective.

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