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How Market Agitation Can Yield Instant Results

Case Study: How Market Agitation Can Yield Instant Results

August 10, 2021
Zed Williamson

What if you could get patients to call in so quickly that you can hear your ad still running in the background?

It might sound like wishful thinking, but for one MedTech company, it became reality. In this episode, Corey Oldenhuis, one of our behind-the-scenes producers, joins us as a guest host to help breakdown the recent orthopaedic advertising program that generated dozens of net new appointments in a matter of days.

We discuss how a market agitation playbook allowed the client to uncover a highly motivated patient population, secure surgeon buy-in, and use simple “old-school” platforms to unleash a new wave of demand.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to get patients to drive physician interest
  • What it means to put empathy at the center of your messaging    
  • Why the message always trumps the medium
  • How brand obsession often stunts MedTech companies’ strategy
  • The power of knowing what not to track during a campaign
  • How patient education empowers your sales team


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