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Frank Bailey

Why You Have to “Fire Yourself” to Light a New Fire & Conquer Your Next Quota

July 26, 2022
Clark Wiederhold

You crushed it last quarter—yet another quota that calls for double-digit growth is already breathing down your neck, and it doesn't care about special circumstances. So how do you outdo yourself... again?

Take heart, says 20-year medical sales veteran Frank Bailey. By reverse-engineering your sales goal and strategically "saving some for the sequel," you can rack up short-term wins and give your future self a head start. Join us as Frank explains the liberating process of “firing” (then “rehiring”) yourself to stay at the top of your game. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why complexity is the enemy of execution
  • How to break down even the loftiest quota into bite-sized ‘buckets’
  • The power of a simple mantra: “Protect the patient, protect the doctor, protect the company”
  • How to add simple personal touches without over-communicating

Plus, we explore ways to knock out your quota early and use the extra time to build up for the next one.


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