Use Your Words: The Neuroscience Behind an Effective Patient

Use Your Words: The Neuroscience Behind an Effective Patient Marketing Message

February 22, 2021
Zed Williamson

Words matter. Especially the ones private practice physicians use in their marketing. So then why do so many of them fail to connect emotionally with their patients? From websites to blogs to social media, their message is often focused on their latest surgical device or procedure, completely dismissing what really resonates: the patient’s pain. In this powerful episode, Clark and Zed delve into the neuroscience behind effective physician to patient messaging and provide some solid tips and resources you can share with your customers and physician network to help them cut through the clutter.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why most private practice physicians get their marketing messaging all wrong
  • The power of negativity bias and how it affects healthcare marketing
  • About the reticular activating system and how it should inform your patient marketing
  • Best practices for connecting with patients through webinars and virtual community health talks

Plus, we dig into the psychological concept of the elephant and the rider, and explain why it’s always better to connect emotionally with patients rather than logically.  

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