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The Rep of the Future Is Here

They’re Stealing from Your Territory with Digital Persuasion—the Rep of the Future Is Here

June 20, 2022
Zed Williamson

Today’s medical device companies produce mind-blowing technology that would impress The Jetsons—so why does their marketing seem like it’s no more advanced than The Flintstones?

That’s a question which still puzzles Omar Khateeb, founder of media company The State of MedTech. When he first joined the show for Episodes 13 and 14, Omar boldly predicted that the MedTech sales rep of the future would be doing 80% sales, perhaps 20% (or even 30%) marketing. With that prediction ringing truer by the day, Omar returns with one simple message: the MedTech marketing revolution is already happening with or without you, but not primarily in the form of paid social, email campaigns, or even SEO—it’s time to think organically.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why physicians are flocking to LinkedIn (not Doximity) in droves
  • Reading for interest vs. reading for application
  • Why the ‘rep of the future’ invests in books, courses, and other resources
  • The limitations of treating sales and marketing as two distinct silos  

Plus, we explore why “you will be paid in proportion to the difficulty of the problem you solve.”


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