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The Pandora's Box of Patient-Driven Testing

The Pandora’s Box of Patient-Driven Testing: Why Diagnostics Will Never Be the Same

April 18, 2022
Clark Wiederhold

Ever had to wait five days for a test result, only for it to reveal that (shocker) you need further testing? It didn’t take two years of COVID to see that diagnostics was ripe for disruption.

Patients want on-site testing and OTC kits, and large market forces—namely Amazon and Wal-Mart—are now pushing the industry in that direction. Jeremy Stackawitz is the CEO of Senzo, a company helping reshape the industry with modern diagnostic systems that are fast, accurate, and mobile. Join us as he discusses toaster-sized devices capable of running a wide variety of tests, the catch 22 of growing antibiotic resistance, the race to establish brand recognition among consumers, and more.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How sluggish diagnostic processes negatively impact outcomes
  • Why the barrier to entry is so high for this industry
  • How greater patient-provider participation strengthens the placebo effect
  • The key messaging that most diagnostics companies are missing right now


Plus, we explore the tricky business of “miniaturizing” everything while maximizing performance.


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