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A new approach to the MedTech hiring process.

Flipping the Script: A New Approach to the MedTech Hiring Process

May 31, 2021
Zed Williamson

Are you looking for your next sales superstar, or just a box checker who can say all the right things?

Our guests Barry Rogers and Kelly Clark of Relentless Recruiting warn that far too many HR departments use limiting criteria that let real talent slip through the cracks and increase the risk of a costly bad hire. Their eye-opening survey of device sales leaders proves that it’s time for hiring managers to completely flip the script on traditional recruiting approaches, especially in the current MedTech job market.  And why it's time for applicants to stop leading with a bland list of skills.

In this interview, we discuss methods for identifying driven individuals at all skill levels, why sales superstars rarely fit neatly into checkboxes, and why they’re allergic to managers who tolerate mediocrity.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Subtle yet impactful differences between talent and skill...and how that can impact peak sales performance
  • Why a rep’s resume should consist of 80% talent, 20% skill
  • Key questions that immediately identify exceptionally driven individuals
  • How traditional hiring methods often confuse correlation with causation

Plus, we touch on the most common misconceptions that hamper MedTech hiring efforts. Hiring for a medical office? Check out this blog!


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