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How to Cure “Commission Breath” with a Curious, Consultative Approach

How to Cure “Commission Breath” with a Curious, Consultative Approach

November 8, 2021
Clark Wiederhold

If a physician chooses a competitor’s product over yours roughly 80% of the time, have they still earned your help?

SPR Therapeutics Regional Sales Manager Mase Bowman always knew there was more to medical sales than carrying a bag and opening a box, but it wasn’t until he dared to take a more consultative approach to MedTech sales that he discovered the only question worth asking: “What do I need to do so we can all win?”

We invited him to share how he’s been implementing behavior change principles in the neuromodulation and interventional pain space, helping once-skeptical docs do more procedures. Discover why reps should work to uncover the dynamics of the C-suite in charge of value analysis, what it means to care for the end user, and when to do stuff that’s not necessarily in your (immediate) best interest.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the greatest professional sin is a lack of a curiosity
  • The post-meeting technique for keeping yourself honest
  • Simple ways to make better use of your “windshield time”
  • How to build sturdier relationships that open doors with the mantra of “slow is fast”
  • Why physicians fall back on what's comfortable, and how you can make sure they're properly trained  

Plus, we explore how Mase was able to turn a year-long dialogue into new opportunities.


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