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Mullings Group Global VP of MedTech Tells us What to Expect in 2021.

Mullings Group Global VP of MedTech Tells us What to Expect in 2021

January 18, 2021
Clark Wiederhold

Giovanni Lauricella (aka Mister MedTech) is the Global VP, Med Tech, for the Mullings Group.

He's performed over 5,000 hires for 600 clients, assisted in raising over 30 million in capital for startups — just during COVID-19 — and has the support of a MedTech network of over 30,000 global contacts.

In this episode, he shares a myriad of deep insider insights on how the industry was forced to shift and pivot as a result of the pandemic, and predictions for MedTech organizations and their sales teams in 2021.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How MedTech sales talent acquisition has changed since the onset of COVID-19
  • What sales professionals can do to adjust and stay relevant when faced with adversity
  • How the heightened awareness for the healthcare industry is transforming MedTech
  • Ways MedTech reps and leaders can make sure they’re the top choice for recruiters in 2021

Plus, we take a look at the shifts in investment flow within the MedTech industry and discuss potential effects in the year to come, from R&D up to commercial.

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