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Top Takeaways from The Last Ten Episodes.

The Lightning Round: Top Takeaways from the Last 10 Episodes

December 21, 2020
Zed Williamson

Get the best of the MedTech industry insights in this action-packed episode.

Zed and Clark share the top takeaways from our first 10 episodes in this “best of” compilation! Listen to the most compelling and actionable snippets, anecdotes, and advice in one neatly packaged episode.

From high-performing sales reps to president’s club winners to a Harvard Business Review contributor and national keynote speaker, the powerhouse guest list will leave you humbled, empowered, and charged to strengthen your sales and leadership skills

Enjoy a variety of topics that address your most pressing challenges and discover:

  • What to look for when it comes to patient experience and the patient flow throughout a practice
  • How to find new customers and build meaningful relationships with social media
  • How a MedTech sales rep became a 7-time President’s Club winner by thinking big and using market agitation
  • Why nothing elevates MedTech sales performance like great coaching
  • Ways to work in lockstep with hospitals so their goals and objectives always remain front and center

Plus, we share some of our most popular soundbites on the power of cross-functional collaboration, proven ways to restructure your customer conversations, and more!

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