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Virtual Selling: How to Close More Deals Remotely with Andy Springer

Virtual Selling: How to Close More Deals Remotely with Andy Springer

March 1, 2021
Zed Williamson

Whether you like virtual selling or not, it’s time to adapt and master this sales strategy.

Because even when you’re able to walk back into a healthcare facility for a sales call, there’s a good chance your buyers will prefer to keep it virtual. That’s according to new research from the RAIN Group, and their Chief Client Officer, Andy Springer joins us in this episode to share insights from his Amazon bestseller on winning through remote sales.

You’ll get actionable, research-based takeaways that promise to make you more comfortable with virtual sales, while always keeping the customer’s need top of mind.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to build rapport, expand relationships, and break into new territories when selling virtually
  • Proven tips and strategies to keep buyers engaged during your virtual meetings
  • Why you must connect technical product know-how to the outcomes of the buyer
  • Why many MedTech reps spend way too much time talking about their solution instead of educating the physicians

Plus, we dive into the global research conducted by the RAIN Groupthat uncovered virtual selling’s top challenges — and tell you how to overcome them.

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