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Becoming "Bulletproof" on the MedTech Battlefield

Building a Sales System and Becoming “Bulletproof” on the MedTech Battlefield

October 4, 2021
Clark Wiederhold

For the elite task forces that operate in the most dangerous places on earth, the difference between a process and a system isn’t semantic­—it’s life or death.

As former war correspondent Shawn Rhodes argues in his book “Bulletproof Selling,” processes are largely designed around individuals, making them harder to repeat, improve, and measure. Systems, however, are always designed around objectives.

But that’s just one of several key distinctions that he believes most salespeople are missing. We caught up with Shawn to discuss how “systematized selling” helps senior and junior MedTech device reps alike improve their pipelines, things companies can do to avoid being hamstrung by their own top talent and achieve consistent growth, and the importance of teaching customers “how to buy.”   

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why buying a CRM and shoving it down every team member’s throat isn’t a “system”
  • How to incentivize your top performers to systematize their wisdom and better fuel a high performing team
  • What it means to understand “commander’s intent”
  • Why the best systems are “T.R.I.M.” systems
  • The power of using Drift and Loom videos as a sale call follow-ups instead of more "traditional" sales methods

Plus, we define the difference between an unhelpful gripe and a responsible complaint.

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